Convenient & Complimentary Shuttle Service

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For Airport/O'Hare CTA Pickup

The Comfort Inn O'Hare is proud to offer guests free 24 hour shuttle service to and from the O'Hare International Airport!

For Domestic Flights (flights from within a US State into O'Hare; Terminals 1, 2, or 3) as well as pick up from the CTA Blue Line Train Station at O'Hare, the Comfort Inn O'Hare picks up at the Bus and Shuttle Center, Door #1. 

From baggage claim area, please follow the overhead sign for the "Bus/Shuttle Center", there may also be red arrows on the ground outside of the baggage claim area to guide you. 
Take the elevator to the "Cubs" parking level 1 (up to ground floor).
Wait by door #1.

For International Flights (flights from directly outside the use into O'Hare, at Terminal 5), The Comfort Inn picks up at 5E at arrivals.
Call the hotel once you have gotten through customs and have your luggage. 
Go to 5E at arrivals, and wait by the Middle Island.

Once you have called the hotel and are waiting at either the Shuttle Center or 5E, look for either the white Comfort Inn Van with "OHARE/ROSEMONT/DES PLAINES" on side of the van, or a black mini bus with "We'll see you there" in a yellow stripe on the side. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching the hotel, call 224-201-8297.

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For Convention Center Pick Up

For pick up from the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, please call the hotel when you are ready to come back. Please be aware that Airport pickup/drop off may cause the shuttle to be delayed, however an estimated time of arrival will be given to all guests calling for pick up.

For pick up from the Allstate Arena, please walk to the Target strip mall and call the hotel. The agent will direct you to where the driver will meet you (please be aware that occasionally heavy traffic will mean pick up may occur at Target or at Chili's, located in the same parking lot to allow the driver to reach the guest quicker). 

If you are having difficulties reaching the hotel, you may call 224-201-8297.

Scheduling a Shuttle Drop Off

The Comfort Inn O'Hare offers complimentary shuttle service to O'Hare (which is also where guest may access the very convenient CTA Blue Line train), the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, as well as the Allstate Arena. 

The shuttle operates on a 24 hour shedule and runs every 10 and 40 minutes after each hour, and is guests must sign up at least an hour in advance to guarantee a spot on the shuttle. Failure to register for a shuttle time may result in in the shuttle being unavailable at that time. 

Please note, the shuttle service is complimentary service for registered guests. Guests who are not registered with the hotel (or are utilizing our Park & Fly package) may be subject to a $20 fee to use the shuttle service. 

The hotel's shuttle service currently runs only to and from the O'Hare Airport, The Blue Line station at O'Hare, the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (when there is an event), and the Allstate arena. The shuttle cannot guarantee availability to run to/from any other locations without prior arrangements from management.