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12th -14th: Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (All Day Event)
13th- 15th: Progressive International Motorcycle Show (All Day Event)
18th- 22nd: Chicago RV & Camping Show (All Day Event)
19th- 22nd: TransWorld's Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Spring Show (All Day Event)
21st: MommyCon (09:00 AM)
27th -March 1st: Our World Underwater (All Day Event)
27th- March 1st: 32nd Annual Golf Show (All Day Event)


6th- 8th: Wizard World Presents Bruce Campbell's Horror Fest (All Day Event)
13th-15th: World of Wheels (All Day Event)
20th- 22nd: The Fanatics Sports Spectacular (All Day Event)
24- 26th: IMARK Showcase 2015 (All Day Event)
26th- 28th: International Quilt Festival (All Day Event)


1st: Gordon Food Service Spring Food Show (All Day Event)
21st- 23rd: Electric Power Conference & Exhibition (All Day Event)
23rd- 26th: Fashion & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)
26th- 28th: International Luxury Outerwear Show (All Day Event)
29th- May 1st: Leading Age Illinois 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibit (All Day Event)


1st- 3rd: International Gem & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)
2nd- 3rd: The Chicago Fitness Expo (All Day Event)
15th- 17th: Anime Central (All Day Event)
16th: Chicagoland Condo, HOA, Co-op, & Apt Expo (All Day Event)
22nd- 24th: Showstopper (All Day Event)


8th- 10th: SUR/FIN (All Day Event)
12th-14th: Exxxotica (All Day Event)
16th- 18th: amerimold 2015 (All Day Event)
17th- 18th: OMTEC 2015 (All Day Event)
17th- 18th: Vapor World Expo (All Day Event)


3th- 5th: Anime Midwest (All Day Event)
16th- 19th:Fashion & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)
25th- 28th: Windy City Gift Show (All Day Event)
29th- August 2nd:National Sports Collectible Convention (All Day Event)


7th-9th: International Gem & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)
8th- 16th: Worlds Fair of Money Convention (All Day Event)
20th- 23rd: Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (All Day Event)
26th- 27th: 2015 Midwest Accounting & Finance Showcase (All Day Event)


4th- 7th: Islamic Society of North America (All Day Event)
12th-13th: Chicago Women's Expo (All Day Event)
25th- 27th: Backers Total Pet Expo (All Day Event)
29th- 30th: SMTA International (All Day Event)


6th- 8th: CWIEME Chicago (All Day Event)
15th- 18th: Fashion & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)
15th- 17th: Pri-Med Midwest (All Day Event)
27th- 29th: Assembly Show (All Day Event)
27th- 29th: The Quality Show (All Day Event)


11th: IFT Chicago Section Suppliers Night (All Day Event)
15th- 17th: PLMA 2014 Private Label Show (All Day Event)
20th- 22nd:The Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular (All Day Event)
21st- 22nd: Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals (All Day Event)


4th- 6th: Skokie Valley Kennel Club Judging Program (All Day Event)
11th- 13th: International Gem & Jewelry Show (All Day Event)

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